The plane soars over Lake Victoria, the world’s second largest lake, its shore stretching across Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya. Beneath you, crocodiles swarm over a pebbled island, hundreds of birds squabble and squawk, jostling for food and space on Bird Island. On the horizon, Rubondo comes into view, a vast uninhabited green jewel, home to an incredible ecosystem and astounding diverse wildlife.

Hippos play in the bay, submerging themselves in the cool lake, taking refuge from the sun. A fish eagle glides effortlessly over the sandy beach, swooping down over the water to catch its prey. You stare down into the dense leafy forest canopy, hoping to catch a glimpse of the island’s giraffe, stately elephants and elusive chimpanzees. Ahead, the swamp glistens like an emerald. Your plane circles, approaching the grassy runway for a smooth landing. You’ve arrived.

Welcome to Rubondo Island, Tanzania’s undiscovered treasure. Home to nature, beauty and wonder.

About ARybondo Island Camp
Rubondo Island lies north of Mwanza, close to the Tanzanian border. Charter flights leave Mwanza, Arusha, Nairobi and the Serengeti or alternatively, private boats run from Nkome and Muganza.

The island offers a host of attractions. Between November to March, the forest blooms with beautiful wild flowers. December to November see it play host to migratory birds. The climate is most pleasant from June to August. November sees the start of the short rainy season, s/files/includes/top.jsping in December in time for a Christmas break. From March to April, the long rains begin, renewing life on the island.

Whatever time of year you visit Rubondo, it’s best to pack some insect repellent to keep away the mosquitos and other insects that make their home on the island.

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